The Top 5 Questions I Get Asked By New Clients

Texas Divorce Lawyer Leslie Barrows
The Top 5 Questions I Get Asked By New Clients

Hi there. I’m attorney Leslie Barrows and you’re listening to the Texas divorce lawyer podcast with me Leslie Barrows. The goal of this podcast is to educate people in Texas about divorce. I want to be able to describe what divorce means, how it affects children, both young and grown and give my listeners a little bit of Hope especially if they are about to start or are in the middle of Divorce proceedings welcome to the podcast.

So I’m going to address some commonly asked questions that have been coming into my office at the barrows firm in this podcast

Host: Okay. So we’ve got the top five questions. Let’s go ahead and start with the question. Number one. How much will my case cost?

Leslie Barrows: Usually when we’re looking at the cost of a case you’re looking at how contested the cases is it going to be an uncontested case? You know, you have spouses that agree and you’re going to have the other spouse sign a waiver and just draft documents and then file those with the court that is something that we look at verses if you have, or you’re going to have a contested case, so that’s going to be a lot more expensive a lot more time that would be involved for your attorneys and paralegals. So you’re looking at you know filing fees and process server to serve the parties in the lawsuit you’d also be looking at going to a lot of hearings if your case is contested which can be really expensive because you can be on the docket at the family center and you could have to come back to court. So the more time that you’re spending down at the courthouse the more costly your case is going to become if also you’re trying to get documents maybe CPS records you need witnesses to come to court all of those just start adding up when you have to subpoena Witnesses and pay witness fees and start getting documents such as you know, a lot of times with kid cases, we want to get the school records and that just really can, cost you a lot of money because every time you go to court it costs a lot of money and a lot of attorney time. So also you will probably need some depositions in cases and those are costly so you have to have someone do a transcript of the depositions that you can use. You’re looking at an increase in if you’re needing to get financial documents and conduct what’s called Discovery. So these are all just different things that can happen in your case where you’re going to have an increase in your and your costs.

Host: Okay question number two, how long will my case take?

LB: So we get that a lot where people ask, “how long is this going to take?” “Can I get divorced in 60 days?” Well, it just depends on the other side and agreements that you have so you can file a petition for divorce and then on the sixty-first day take in your final decree of divorce and get that entered but what people have to understand is you file the petition, you wait your 60 days and then on the sixty-first day you already have a final order in hand that everyone signed off on and everything’s been agreed to so does that kind of case always happen? The answer’s no. It’s always going to be over 60 days. So you’re looking at the more contested the case is the more hearings that you have, it could take up to a year for your case to even go to final trial. So that’s something that you have to take into account as well with How long your case is and how much you’re the cost of your case is going to end up being.

Host: Okay question number three- does Leslie have any experience dealing with people who have mental health disorder?

LB: Okay. So we do have a lot of people who call into the office and say my other spouse is a narcissist and I say well we deal with that a lot and we have people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. I have a lot of different people that have been involved in using drugs or using alcohol. So I have a lot of experience with that in dealing with parties and related to having mental health disorders. I’ve been handling mental health commitment and hearings for I think probably 13 years. So I have a lot of experience with working with people that that are going through a difficult time and have been committed to a mental hospital.

Host: Question number four- is Leslie a fighter? Is she aggressive? I need someone who will fight for me.

LB: Now as far as being a fighter, I’m definitely a fighter. I’m definitely an advocate for my clients. As far as being aggressive. I’m aggressive in court when I need to be, I feel that I’m also aggressive enough given the case. You have to understand when people call in and say I want to hire a bulldog. Everybody wants that in the beginning but being a bulldog 24/7 on the case can actually cause more harm than good. So you just really have to take into account, the case and the situation and the facts that you know are involved in the case that you’re trying to pursue in Family Court.

Host: Alright question number 5. What is Leslie’s tenure? How long has she been practicing?

LB: I’ve been licensed since 2005 and I have been practicing family law since 2007. So as far as experience, I’ve had experience since 2007. Amanda Rourke in my office has been litigating family law cases for the past two years. So these are the most commonly asked questions that we’ve been receiving and during our intake calls for divorces this month.

Thanks for listening to the Texas divorce lawyer podcast with me, attorney Leslie Barrows. If you like my show and want to know more check out my website at, or please leave a review on iTunes, Spotify or whichever Social media outlet you are listening on. Be sure to join me next time and thanks for listening.

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